Sports Medicine Promotes Health and Wellness

During the early twentieth century doctors and physicians took care of the medical needs of athletes but towards the latter part of the century Sports Medicine came to be recognized as a separate branch of medicine. Sports medicine is the division of medicine dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical injuries of athletes. This discipline of medicine has a comprehensive approach from diagnostics to eventual healing of the injury. Practiced by specially trained medical professionals, Sports Medicine promotes fitness and good health.

Need For Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine provides a systematic and disciplined approach for sustaining fitness including physical exercises and nutrition.  Consistent workouts are the prescription for gaining strength, maintaining appropriate weight, keeping in shape and staying active. Proper nutrition is a must for the body to remain fit and active. Sports Medicine Specialists prepare diet charts for the athletes as per their individual requirements and coordinate with the team coaches to make sure the injured athlete is following their directions.
Sports Medicine Specialists are experts in handling sudden injuries, on the field or off the field. They handle these injuries too:
·    Muscle Strains and Sprains
·    Fractures
·    Musculoskeletal Injuries, etc.
·    Sports Medicine Specialists are responsible too for creating awareness regarding substance use. Most athletes need to be educated and counseled regarding their drug intake. Certain drugs have severe side effects while others may be prohibited for use. Such issues addressed under the guidance of the Sports medicine Specialist.

The major responsibilities of Sports Medicine Specialists can be summarized as follows:
·    Pre-participation physical examination
·    Emergency injury assessment and management
·    Clinical assessment of the injuries
·    Taking care of athletes’ medical needs
·    Addressing substance use
·    Educating and counseling the athletes on prevention of injuries
·    Coordinating with other members of sports medicine team
·    Monitoring the athlete in rehabilitation phase, etc.

Sports Medicine plays a crucial role in the recovery of athletes boosting their self confidence to perform at their optimum.

Tips On Finding A Sports Medicine Provider

Finding and approaching a well-qualified, experienced and reliable specialist is the most significant step for the treatment and recovery of an injured sportsperson. With the increased number of sports activities in today’s world, there is a growing number of Sports Injury Cases. People who are involved in different physical and athletic activities are prone to injuries and they need specialized treatment for fast recovery. Specialized Health Related Services are essential for the sportspersons and the people, who are actively involved in physical activities.

Useful Suggestions For Finding The Right Sports Medicine Provider Are Mentioned Below:

  • The location of the Sports Medicine Provider is an important factor. Long distance traveling in order to get treated for a chronic joint pain or any similar health condition may prove to be difficult. Traveling long distances to see the doctor may increase the chances of appointments being cancelled or rescheduled, making the treatment process less effective.
  • Your insurance plan is yet another vital factor. To avoid the payment issues for Sports Injury Treatment or any ailment related to strenuous physical activity, you must ensure that your insurance plan covers these conditions as well. Some insurance plans may cover the entire expenditure of treatment while the other plans may include the expenditure of just primary level treatment. Therefore, the insurance plans should be checked before going to a sports medicine provider.
  • The Sports Medicine Providers should possess special certification. Such certifications prove their credibility and proficiency. Moreover, the sports medicine providers should be well acquainted with the basic aspects of personal health, sports nutrition etc.
  • Before you choose a sports medicine specialist make sure they are qualified to perform the treatments you need.
  • Finally, get recommendations from friends and other sports persons and find current testimonials to make your decision.

By considering these crucial points, a person suffering from sports injuries can get the best treatment for his/her health related issues. Choosing the right sports medicine service provider is essential to ensure proper recovery.

The Importance Of Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a special division of Health Care Sector, which takes care of physical fitness and injuries associated with sports & exercise. Sports Medicine Companies provide effective treatments against the musculoskeletal issues. The concept of Sports Medicine is not very old. It began in the late 20s. However, Sports Medicine has become an important sector itself. Sports Medicine comprises several forms of non-surgical orthopedic treatments.

Which Professionals are in Sports Medicine Sector?
Sports Medicine Professionals have specialization in Exercise and Sports Science. The professionals in the field of Sports Medicine are designated as following:
·    Medical Doctors
·    Physical Therapists
·    Physical Therapists Assistants
·    Athletic Trainers
·    Massage Therapists

The Role of Sports Medicine Physicians:
Sports Medicine Physicians are the experts who get specialized training for a certain period in the field of sports medicine. Their expertise lies in dealing with injuries associated with sports as well as exercises. They mainly focus on diagnosis and treatment of injuries, which take place during a sport or some physical activity. In brief, the Sports Medicine Physicians have to take care of different types of orthopedic cases.

What Are The Sports Medicine Services Inclusive Of?
Sports Medicine Services are intended to bring the injured person into the best of health so that he/she can get back to his or her usual activities. The Sports Medicine Services primarily focus on:
·    Biomechanics
·    Conditioning
·    Synvisc
·    Cortisone
·    PRP (platelet rich plasma)
·    Hyaline
·    Injury Prevention
·    Injury Management
·    Euflexxa
·    Viscol supplementation
·    Rehabilitation

Is Sports Medicine Restricted To The Athletes Only?
Irrespective of what the name implies, Sports Medicine is not restricted to the athletic field only. The division comprises the treatment of injuries that occur due to any sort of physical activity, which may or may not be associated with sports. The injuries may be the subsequent result of overuse, sudden collision, over-exertion, or over-extension of the muscles of the joints. Sports Medicine is a practice that treats all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries.

Regardless of being a new concept, Sports Medicine has emerged as an independent branch in health care. One can easily browse the Internet to reach a reliable Sports Medicine Company.

The Field Of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine refers to that particular medical field which mainly deals with health issues arising out of athletic sporting performance, over exertion of physical activity, and accident injury. Athletic activities are not the only reason for sports injuries. Henceforth, the scope of sports medicine is also not in this way confined. This branch of orthopedics deals with the treatment of injuries incurred because of many sorts of physical activities. The majority of sports injuries ensue on the major joints that include shoulder, knee and ankle. The main reasons for the occurrence of sports injuries are overuse, over-exertion, injury to cartilage and joints, etc.

The field of Sports Medicine does not always involve surgeries. Treatment through physical therapies is the first preference of the sports medicine professional. These professionals supplement the efforts and treatment strategies of physical therapists.   Sports medicine is an effective and crucial part of orthopedics that offers varied treatment options, for different problems related to physical activities.

Some Of The Most Common Sports Medicine Injuries Are Mentioned Below:

  • A Rotator cuff tear is a common sports-related shoulder injury. A tear in the rotator cuff muscles due to a  strong pull or repetitive motion can result in serious shoulder pain and loss of mobility.
  • An Achilles tendon injury: The Achilles tendon is essential for mobility and it connects the muscles of the heel bone to the back of the lower leg. It is used for walking, running and jumping. Overstretching of this tendon can cause tears and the patient will be unable to withstand stressful physical activities.
  • Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) located within the knees. Over rotation and traumatic collision causes tears to the ACL.
  • Shin splints: Exercise related to overuse causes a particular sports injury that is termed as shin splints. Excessive and repetitive physical activity may cause muscle fatigue that can lead to applying extra force to the tissues attaching muscles to the shinbones. Shin splints need to be treated with refrain from activity and rest, they rarely require surgery.
  • Torn Meniscus of the knees: The Meniscus acts as a cushion between the thighbones and the shinbones. They also act as shock absorbers. Excess stress on the knee joints result in sports related meniscus tears. The knee gradually swells and becomes stiff.

Getting The Right Sports Medicine Treatment

Sports injuries have come in many varied forms. These can be muscular strains, osteoarthritis or bone fractures. These injuries have become quite common because of a modern focus on increased sports activities and physical workouts. The sports enthusiast and athletes have become prone to possible sports injuries and therefore, the demand for better sports medicinal facilities have increased. Several sports medicine specialists offer their valuable services to fulfill these health related issues and demands.

Different specialists like sports massage therapists, podiatrists, sports physicians and others treat different ailments. Quick recovery is an essential requirement for the athletes suffering from different ailments because remaining unfit affects their performance and career. It is quite essential to opt for the correct and appropriate sports treatment therapy for quick and effective recovery.

The Following Are The Most Common Sports Injuries Treated By Sports Medicine Specialists:

  • Knee ligament Injuries.
  • Meniscus tears.
  • Anterior knee pain.
  • Elbow injuries.
  • Trauma and fracture care.
  • Shoulder related injuries.
  • Cartilage injuries.

Sports injuries are mainly caused due to unusual sports related activities or body movements. These become inevitable when a person indulges in exotic physical workouts, works out incorrectly, sustains a play injury or pushes themselves beyond normal limitations.
A particular branch of medical science, i.e. sports medicine, is dedicated to the treatment and cure of sports related health issues. A team of medical doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapists and massage therapists offer these medical services. Sports medicine specialists are the individuals who have taken specialized training in this area and have vast knowledge about, among other things, the therapeutic aspects of various drugs. The sports specialists need to be well skilled, as they have to deal with complicated issues related to injuries of athletes. A simple fault in treatment can negatively affect the career and performance of the athlete and weekend warrior alike.

Sports medicine forms an essential discipline of the medical world and has a major say in the professional life of the athletes. Health issues resulting from nerve-wracking physical abuse and injury to the body are treated through sports medicine. Sports medicine involves injury diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Sports nutrition, exercises and sports psychology are some of  the major  subjects dealt with during  sports medicine training.  The athletes prefer well-experienced professionals and specialists having the skills Offering treatment of physical injuries. Physical therapy forms an essential part of this field and is a preferred option as compared to surgeries. This branch of the medical field is a boon in the professional life of  players, athletes and hobbyists.