Injury Prevention Through Musculoskeletal Exercise

Musculoskeletal Injuries may be accidental in many cases but there are many instances where it has been found that even a little over-activity led to an injury simply because the muscles or connective tissues were vulnerable enough due to weakness. In this direction, a little care can go a long way in Prevention Of Musculoskeletal Injury and this can be done by doing Musculoskeletal Exercises regularly.

Whether you are a working professional, student or sportsperson, taking special care of certain parts of your body can go a long way in Preventing Musculoskeletal Injury. Mentioned here are the parts and the associated Musculoskeletal Exercises:

·    Back: Back pain is one of the most common problems affecting people of almost all ages. It is very essential to maintain the normal curve of the spine and proper mobility. To do this, you can simply swing your arms to and fro as well as maintain a proper posture at all times.

·    Neck: Prolonged inactivity can bring about neck pains. An oft-neglected area is that of superior trapezius muscle, which results in the restriction of the range of motion. To improve flexibility & circulation, isometric exercises can be done. Shoulder shrugs, upright rows and neck rolls are quite effective as well.

·    Hip: A serious injury to the hip area can render anyone bedridden. To make the hip muscles and connective tissue stronger, you can brace yourself against a desk or wall and swing your legs out in front and back as well as sideways in the front. Make sure that the motion is generated from the pelvis to improve the mobility and circulation. You can do Knee Exercises in the same way.

·    Shoulder: Both limited range of motion and repeated use can result in shoulder pains. To avoid this or any injury, you need to focus mainly on the rotator cuff – a dynamic stabilizer that is covered by deltoid and pectoral muscles. Sideways external rotation and internal rotations are excellent Musculoskeletal Exercises for the same.

For all Musculoskeletal Exercises, you should gradually increase the intensity and duration to avoid any injury during the activity. In case you want to go for complicated workout sessions then it is better to consult a Trainer or Musculoskeletal Specialist to be on the safe side.

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