Sports Medicine Promotes Health and Wellness

During the early twentieth century doctors and physicians took care of the medical needs of athletes but towards the latter part of the century Sports Medicine came to be recognized as a separate branch of medicine. Sports medicine is the division of medicine dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical injuries of athletes. This discipline of medicine has a comprehensive approach from diagnostics to eventual healing of the injury. Practiced by specially trained medical professionals, Sports Medicine promotes fitness and good health.

Need For Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine provides a systematic and disciplined approach for sustaining fitness including physical exercises and nutrition.  Consistent workouts are the prescription for gaining strength, maintaining appropriate weight, keeping in shape and staying active. Proper nutrition is a must for the body to remain fit and active. Sports Medicine Specialists prepare diet charts for the athletes as per their individual requirements and coordinate with the team coaches to make sure the injured athlete is following their directions.
Sports Medicine Specialists are experts in handling sudden injuries, on the field or off the field. They handle these injuries too:
·    Muscle Strains and Sprains
·    Fractures
·    Musculoskeletal Injuries, etc.
·    Sports Medicine Specialists are responsible too for creating awareness regarding substance use. Most athletes need to be educated and counseled regarding their drug intake. Certain drugs have severe side effects while others may be prohibited for use. Such issues addressed under the guidance of the Sports medicine Specialist.

The major responsibilities of Sports Medicine Specialists can be summarized as follows:
·    Pre-participation physical examination
·    Emergency injury assessment and management
·    Clinical assessment of the injuries
·    Taking care of athletes’ medical needs
·    Addressing substance use
·    Educating and counseling the athletes on prevention of injuries
·    Coordinating with other members of sports medicine team
·    Monitoring the athlete in rehabilitation phase, etc.

Sports Medicine plays a crucial role in the recovery of athletes boosting their self confidence to perform at their optimum.

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