Sports Medicine And Its Benefits

Sports medicine is one of the most effective areas of the medical field and contributes a  great deal in maintaining the health of athletes. It involves more than just the diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Sports medicine is very crucial for professional players and athletes. This medical area deals with health issues that arise because of stressful and excessive physical activities as well as injuries and is a major discipline in the medical field. The number of athletes participating in sports activities has increased and this has increased the need of better medical facilities which are focused on sports medicine.

The Field Of Sports Medicine Can Be Categorized Into The Following Main Branches:

  • Exercises and workouts: One of the most remarkable aspects of sports medicine is exercising and workouts. Every athlete and sports enthusiast needs to stay fit and active. For this, a well-regulated exercise and workout plan should be effectively planned and implemented. These exercises and workouts build up one’s ability to stay fit.
  • Nutrition: Another vital part of sports medicine is nutrition. The nutritional habits of individuals can greatly determine their health. Bad eating habits can make a person liable to suffer from many diseases and harm their productivity as well.
  • Injury prevention: Taking essential steps for the prevention of injuries is always better for the athlete. Injury prevention is an important segment of the sports medicine field and is suggested by all the specialist sports physicians. They encourage the athletes to take all the necessary precautions for staying free of injuries. Staying injury-free is essential for a sportsperson to perform with full vigor and consistency.
  • Sports psychology: Yet another significant feature of sports medicine is the sports psychology. The competitive nature of sports can cause anxiety among the athletes and they feel an extremely high mental pressure over them to win. This influences their performance and potential. They need appropriate counseling to withstand this anxiety and pressure.

The major areas of specialization of sports medicine include coaching, science of exercise, physical and athletic training and promotion of health and physical fitness. The physical fitness of athletes determines their professional career and therefore, should be given special attention. Sports medicine has substantial methods of treatment, for the person suffering from severe health related issues that arise because of stressful physical activities. The Sports Medicine Field is a challenging occupation that varies from injury prevention to successful treatment and recovery.

The Field Of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine refers to that particular medical field which mainly deals with health issues arising out of athletic sporting performance, over exertion of physical activity, and accident injury. Athletic activities are not the only reason for sports injuries. Henceforth, the scope of sports medicine is also not in this way confined. This branch of orthopedics deals with the treatment of injuries incurred because of many sorts of physical activities. The majority of sports injuries ensue on the major joints that include shoulder, knee and ankle. The main reasons for the occurrence of sports injuries are overuse, over-exertion, injury to cartilage and joints, etc.

The field of Sports Medicine does not always involve surgeries. Treatment through physical therapies is the first preference of the sports medicine professional. These professionals supplement the efforts and treatment strategies of physical therapists.   Sports medicine is an effective and crucial part of orthopedics that offers varied treatment options, for different problems related to physical activities.

Some Of The Most Common Sports Medicine Injuries Are Mentioned Below:

  • A Rotator cuff tear is a common sports-related shoulder injury. A tear in the rotator cuff muscles due to a  strong pull or repetitive motion can result in serious shoulder pain and loss of mobility.
  • An Achilles tendon injury: The Achilles tendon is essential for mobility and it connects the muscles of the heel bone to the back of the lower leg. It is used for walking, running and jumping. Overstretching of this tendon can cause tears and the patient will be unable to withstand stressful physical activities.
  • Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) located within the knees. Over rotation and traumatic collision causes tears to the ACL.
  • Shin splints: Exercise related to overuse causes a particular sports injury that is termed as shin splints. Excessive and repetitive physical activity may cause muscle fatigue that can lead to applying extra force to the tissues attaching muscles to the shinbones. Shin splints need to be treated with refrain from activity and rest, they rarely require surgery.
  • Torn Meniscus of the knees: The Meniscus acts as a cushion between the thighbones and the shinbones. They also act as shock absorbers. Excess stress on the knee joints result in sports related meniscus tears. The knee gradually swells and becomes stiff.

Getting The Right Sports Medicine Treatment

Sports injuries have come in many varied forms. These can be muscular strains, osteoarthritis or bone fractures. These injuries have become quite common because of a modern focus on increased sports activities and physical workouts. The sports enthusiast and athletes have become prone to possible sports injuries and therefore, the demand for better sports medicinal facilities have increased. Several sports medicine specialists offer their valuable services to fulfill these health related issues and demands.

Different specialists like sports massage therapists, podiatrists, sports physicians and others treat different ailments. Quick recovery is an essential requirement for the athletes suffering from different ailments because remaining unfit affects their performance and career. It is quite essential to opt for the correct and appropriate sports treatment therapy for quick and effective recovery.

The Following Are The Most Common Sports Injuries Treated By Sports Medicine Specialists:

  • Knee ligament Injuries.
  • Meniscus tears.
  • Anterior knee pain.
  • Elbow injuries.
  • Trauma and fracture care.
  • Shoulder related injuries.
  • Cartilage injuries.

Sports injuries are mainly caused due to unusual sports related activities or body movements. These become inevitable when a person indulges in exotic physical workouts, works out incorrectly, sustains a play injury or pushes themselves beyond normal limitations.
A particular branch of medical science, i.e. sports medicine, is dedicated to the treatment and cure of sports related health issues. A team of medical doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapists and massage therapists offer these medical services. Sports medicine specialists are the individuals who have taken specialized training in this area and have vast knowledge about, among other things, the therapeutic aspects of various drugs. The sports specialists need to be well skilled, as they have to deal with complicated issues related to injuries of athletes. A simple fault in treatment can negatively affect the career and performance of the athlete and weekend warrior alike.

Sports medicine forms an essential discipline of the medical world and has a major say in the professional life of the athletes. Health issues resulting from nerve-wracking physical abuse and injury to the body are treated through sports medicine. Sports medicine involves injury diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Sports nutrition, exercises and sports psychology are some of  the major  subjects dealt with during  sports medicine training.  The athletes prefer well-experienced professionals and specialists having the skills Offering treatment of physical injuries. Physical therapy forms an essential part of this field and is a preferred option as compared to surgeries. This branch of the medical field is a boon in the professional life of  players, athletes and hobbyists.